OVHCglobal – When you make a claim, you can either claim money back for treatment you’ve already paid for or claim money to pay for treatment.  

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download the OVHC claim form
  2. Open the form in Adobe Acrobat and complete
  3. Click ‘SUBMIT’ and email it to us along with any relevant attachments (e.g. medical receipts) by selecting ‘Default email application’ and ‘Continue’.

Tip: If, when clicking ‘SUBMIT’, the ‘Default email application’ option is grey and cannot be selected, save the PDF and manually attach it to an email. Add your Policy Number in the subject or the body and send it to your claim support team along with any relevant attachments (e.g. medical receipts).

What happens after you submit your claim?

 You will receive an email confirming we have received your claim.

Once we receive your claim, we will process within 10 working days. Keep in mind that postage and bank clearance times can take several working days.

If you have submitted a claim for treatment you have already paid for, you can choose to have your benefit paid by:

  • direct debit – we will deposit money into your nominated bank account or,
  • cheque delivered to your postal address

If you have submitted a claim to pay for treatment, we will send the payment directly to your general practitioner or medical provider. Make sure you submit your claim as soon as possible so we can pay the bill on time.

Alternatively, you can post your claim and receipts to your health insurance address.

If you are International Students and visitors who want buy OSHC, OVHC or switch OSHC, you can check out the prices and purchase insurance please contact our Team for further information and assistance at and 

OVHCglobal (source: Allianz Care)