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About us

Annalink OSHCstudents is an internationally recognized network offering a wide range of international student and visitor services. Our services are always in great demands for people who will go overseas as a visitor or a student. The range of services includes but not limited to insurance, accommodation, home stay, guardian, mobile SIM cards, and global payment flatform.


Our Team

Our team is comprised of highly trained and experienced people. We are committed and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about education and helping students when studying abroad. Our team is focused on wholeheartedly providing the highest quality services for students around the world. We work together everyday with entrepreneurial spirit, and optimistic outlook to achieve our goals.

Our Value

Customer-oriented: we provide services suited to students’ needs and base on students’ requirements
High Quality: We only offer highest quality products & services.
Strong commitment: We are strongly committed to your privacy and confidentiality
Our efforts, your satisfaction.
Our passion, your success.